There is no doubt that getting pulled over for a DUI is one of the more frightening things that can happen to someone. The threat of a DUI charge can cause people to act in ways they normally wouldn’t, especially if they’ve been drinking. Ultimately, the most effective way to avoid a DUI is to not do anything to get yourself pulled over in the first place. Let’s take a look at seven things you should be doing if you’re going out for the night where drinking is involved.

Make sure to eat something while you’re drinking. Eating will help slow down the intake of alcohol into your system. When you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol is absorbed more quickly and your blood alcohol content (BAC) rises at a faster rate than if you are eating. Consider eating some pretzels or other appetizers and spread out the alcohol so you don’t end up hitting that dreaded 0.08 percent BAC.

Keep your car in good condition. Of course, having a light out or an expired tag is enough for a police officer to pull you over. This is particularly true at night when cops can easily pull you over for a failing headlight or blinker.

Follow traffic laws. You should really follow the law and rules of the road even closer if you’ve been drinking. Also, don’t forget to use your signal light when changing lanes and stick to the speed limit.

Have your driver’s license, registration, and insurance information ready at all times. Mesa DUI Lawyers note that if you fumble around for these items, the officer will put that in his/her report as reasonable suspicion to do a field sobriety test.

Avoid DUI checkpoints in the area. Generally speaking, most DUI checkpoints are required to be mentioned in a public forum, usually on a local police website or in the community paper. You should do some research to know where these checkpoints are and plan a route around them.

Focus on driving. While you may be able to hold a phone conversation and switch radio stations when you’re sober, don’t do this if you’ve been drinking. Since your reaction time is not as fast, you’ll need all of your concentration on the road.

Having a designated driver is always a good idea. Getting a DUI can cause a myriad of problems in your everyday life. If you get in an accident, however, it can be even worse because you could be responsible for ending someone else’s.

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