On the subject of hurting our financial system precisely who’s worse, Worldwide Terrorists of Massive Unions? The rationale I ask is easy, you see we’re in a Presidential Election yr, with lower than 100-days to go, and the 2 candidates are speaking about outsourcing American Jobs and debating why firms are leaving the US and searching for much less hostile enterprise environments; decrease company taxes, few class motion lawsuits, easier laws, and fewer grief from unions. Okay so let’s discuss who is actually hurting our financial system lets?There was an fascinating article that appeared in Information and World Report on September 7, 2015 titled: “With contract expiration nearing, UAW chief says he hasn’t picked an auto company to target,” by Tom Krisher, Related Press Auto Author – which said:

“… UAW President Dennis Williams said Monday he’ll pick between Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler,” and “Speaking after Detroit’s annual Labor Day parade, Williams didn’t address whether the contracts would be extended and gave no details about how the talks that cover about 140,000 workers are progressing; ‘Everybody says to me ‘Dennis, have you picked a target?’ Yes. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler,’ Williams said to applause during a post-parade speech. But afterward he told reporters that he would choose a single company by the time the current four-year contracts end.”On the time of that article about one-year in the past – The UAW (United Auto Staff) president said he hasn’t determined, or THEY have not determined which automobile firm to TARGET but. WOW, every other sector in our financial system they usually’d face a Federal Indictment for conspiring on this means. I’m pissed off with the double-standards we’ve got on this Nice Nation. It is pathetic to permit the UAW to do that. Completely pathetic, Ayn Rand was proper. Is that this actually about collective bargaining or is that this about collective terrorizing.

And, what occurs if firms do not acquiesce? Easy, the union members will act like thugs, vandalize automobiles of “scabs” these employees who cross the picket strains, and harass administration, half time employees and foyer to get authorities to come back in and over regulate and effective the businesses into exhaustion till they offer up and pay up. Wow, so what’s the definition of terrorism once more?”The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”Yep, that is the definition and it certain suits these actions would not it? So, if the democrats sponsor massive labor unions, does that imply they’re sponsoring terrorism? Effectively? Does it?

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