Lawyers that are born 30 years ago may not be able to realize that the legal profession today did not even exist. The fact is that at one point there were no lawyers. This is even after the legal profession was born. There is no exact record of who was the first lawyer in history. But one thing is for sure. There are ancient lawyers that made the way for the lawyers of today.

Rome and Ancient Greece

The history of lawyers and its first founders of law made their first recorded appearance in Ancient Greece and Rome. During ancient Athens, people call lawyers “orators”. Most of the time they would be the ones to plead their own case. During this time ancient lawyers are not allowed to take any kind of fee for their service. But this law is being violated most of the time and was never removed. In ancient Rome, Emperor Claudius legalized the legal profession. He also allowed the lawyers to charge a limited fee for their service. But the fees that roman lawyers make is not enough for them to make a living out of this.

The First Bar

The legal profession continued to grow. This has also become more official in ancient Rome. It also became regulated. There have been so many rules that control lawyers on how much fee they can charge. Also cases they can plead or even how many can become lawyers that are able to register with the court or bar. Before this was regulated any citizen could call themselves a lawyer. When the profession became more regulated there was a very high standard to meet. These standards will determine if you can start working as a lawyer. From there the profession of becoming a lawyer has been accessible to the higher classes.

Lawyers Across The Globe

As time goes. People across the globe started studying law. Most of the students studying law have different purposes. Studying law takes years and many cases to be good at it. Different countries have different laws. So as a lawyer it is one of your main duties to get familiar with these laws. Also there are so many lawyers that specialize in other fields. Like Lawyers for Personal injury Lawyers, Estate planning, Corporate Lawyers or Family lawyers. Family Lawyers like Smiths Lawyers are experts in:

  • Handling Divorce Issues.
  • Handling Estates and Wills
  • Handling Child Custody Agreements
  • Handling Prenuptial Agreements
  • Represent Litigants in Court

Today lawyers are very important. They are the ones that will help you understand the legal steps on whatever case or situation they are in. They will help you understand your rights and what are the things you can do. If you are facing situations involving the law. It is always best to seek advice from a lawyer before jumping into a conversation. It is better to equip yourself to avoid things to be taken against you.


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