Going by the philosophy of delivering authentic and top quality products, JD.Com has released its latest copyright protection platform. The e-commerce retail giant has released the first royalty-free center called the JD Stock Material Centre. The platform was specifically designed to cater to the retailer’s merchants’ needs by protecting their copyright visual materials. Merchants affiliated with JD.Com can access the platform for free while staying up to date with their products’ progress on JD. Its main objective was to cut down on RMB costs as well as protect IPR.

About JD.Com

JD.Com is China’s leading online retailer and its largest overall retailer. It’s also the country’s largest internet company that generated more than $83.9 billion in annual net revenue. The company was founded by China’s top business mogul, Richard Liu, in 1998. The company first began as a brick and mortar electronic store specializing in computer parts. However, it was not until 2004 that the business established its product/market fit, taking the e-commerce industry by storm.

The company is built on the philosophy of quality and authenticity. Offering only the most genuine and high-quality products to its more than 440 million customers. JD.Com is currently a general merchant retailer offering everything from foodstuffs to clothing to electronics to cosmetics with more than 800 warehouses. The company directly impacts the lives of over 90% of China’s population.

JD.Com first began as a small retail store in Beijing. It suffered a significant setback along with other small businesses following the SARA outbreak in 2003. However, from this pandemic, founder Richard Lui saw a perfect opportunity to venture into the undiscovered e-commerce world to salvage his investment.

In 2004, he closed down the physical store in Beijing and took full advantage of the untapped online shopping potential, transferring his products and operations online. This was the beginning of www.jdlasser, the company that would later become the global e-commerce retail giant, JD.Com.

Building the company’s proprietary logistics network began in 2007. The network boosted the company’s commitment to providing on-time delivery which has given it a great competitive advantage in terms of offering the best customer experience. Through the launch of JD Mall in October 2007, the company transitioned from an electronic retailer to an online general merchandise retailer. This was followed by the first launch of its first online marketplace, a platform that aims to offer its customers a diversified range of products and preferences.

The company recorded a whopping RMB 125. 5 billion ($20.7) in revenue in 2013. Since then, it has been affiliated with manufacturing giants such as Walmart and Tencent. Its largest and most automated warehouse, the Asia No 1 Warehouse in Shanghai began operations in 2013 the same year the company launched China’s largest crowdfunding platform. JD.Com posted a bet revenue of $83.5 billion in 2019 and is currently listed with the New York NASDAQ Stocks Exchange.

JD Stock Material Centre

To assist its merchants cut down RMB and protect their copyright stock materials, JD.Com has launched its latest copyright protection platform, the JD Stock Material Centre. The center aims to provide more than 100 million high-quality royalty-free stock images and a streamline of diverse fonts to cater to its online merchants’ needs. Employing the use of AI and a dedicated team of tech and marketing experts, JD Stock is committed to assisting their merchants to find the best promo materials for their products.

According to JD Retail Vice President Jiandong Pei, the Stock material center will protect copyright materials for their merchants as well as build a reliable copyright protection system for the online business industry. Pie added that the e-commerce giant is committed to improving visual materials for all stakeholders in the online business industry.

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