Auto accidents are a menace not just to the state of Georgia, but to the entire United States. They bring lots of pain, suffering, and trauma. Auto accidents also have life-changing results ranging from minor injuries to severe injuries like loss of limbs or specific body parts, spinal injury, and death in some fatal cases.

Data acquired from the Georgia Governor’s Office for Highway Safety indicates more than 200,000 crashes each year. In the year 2015 alone, 385,221 crashes were resulting in 1,430 fatalities and 19,405 serious injuries. With such statistics, it is conclusive to say that auto crashes are a major contributor to many avoidable injuries and claiming of innocent lives.

Car accidents are often associated with many questions. Who is at fault? What of the damage to my car, who will pay for them? And my medical bills, who will foot them? Will I be compensated for my pain and suffering really? All these questions can be easily answered by an experienced injury attorney. He or she will also help in the somewhat chaotic and confusing world involving insurance claims and settlements.

If the injuries you sustain from a car accident result in medical bills worth more than $1,000, you should consult an attorney. You should also hire an attorney if you were involved in;

  • An accident caused by a defective car part.
  • An accident that involved a motorcycle, pedestrian or cyclist.
  • Head on collision.
  • DUI type of accident or,
  • An accident which involved an 18-wheeler semi-truck or bus.

If you or your loved one sustained injury from a car accident due to the negligence of another person, you might be entitled to recover damages for your injuries in accordance with Georgian law. Car accident lawsuits may seem straightforward at first, but can suddenly evolve into intricate litigation against multiple defendants. This is the reason Ponton Law, an established and renowned law firm in Atlanta, advised that you consult with an experienced attorney to ensure intelligent litigation on your case.

Moreover, a personal injury attorney is essential due to the following reasons:

  • The statute of limitations: The deadline to file a personal injury claim in Georgia is two years from the date of the accident. Filing the lawsuit later than the indicated time frame risks having your case thrown out and your right to sue for the accident is stripped from you forever. The assistance of an attorney is very important because there some unique scenarios where the statute is frozen and only runs after a period of time. An example is when the injured person is a minor.
  • Insurance company: Most insurance companies aim to minimize their costs and cut down their overhead hence the compensation you deserve may differ from what the insurer is willing to pay you.
  • Modified Comparative fault Doctrine: Of Couse you are entitled to monetary compensation for medical bills, damage to your vehicle, lost wages, and emotional distress but not 100%. The state of Georgia implements Modified Comparative Fault Doctrine whereby compensation is calculated and disbursed In accordance with each party’s contribution of negligence resulting to the accident. Only attorneys with in-depth knowledge and years of experience can help you through this.
  • Difficulty in proving liability: Proving the negligence of another party even in the presence of a police report and witnesses can be very difficult. This further shadows the fact that filing a lawsuit is a very complex affair. The help of an experienced personal injury attorney is very relevant and important through this process.

Car accidents indeed are a threat to the normalcy of life. The injuries sustained can drastically change the life of a victim. Personal injury lawsuits from car accidents are a complex process which cannot be handled in the absence of an expert. It is therefore very important when involved in a car accident in Georgia, to seek assistance for a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney from Atlanta.

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