Congratulations! Grab the degree and switch the tassel. You just finished law school. After six to eight years in school, you’re ready to begin your career as a lawyer. School taught you how to think like an attorney and appreciate the law, but now you get to decide what path you want to take. What kind of law are you interested in practicing and what are your ultimate career goals? Knowing the answers to questions like these will set you up for a successful future in this field.

Taking the Bar

Many graduates focus next on the bar exam. Hopefully, your professors worked to prepare you for this huge test. The bar exam can last a few days and involves comprehensive essay questions about all forms of law. This is the most important test you will take as an aspiring lawyer. You must pass to practice and get your first job in the field. Numerous practice tests and prep classes can help you get ready for the test.

Find Your Type of Law

From defense attorneys to divorce lawyers, you can choose one of several categories of law to practice. Finding your field can come in many different ways. Are you interested in getting a big paycheck? Working in a corporate field or with clients involved in a divorce are some of the most lucrative positions you may want to explore. Are you really passionate about one issue and you want to work with those individuals specifically? You’ll find opportunities to work in immigration or environmental law, which is constantly shifting and changing. What kind of company do you eventually want to work for?  A lot of fresh faces can get their start working for the government and eventually move into the private sector. The law business has so much variety that you are sure to find something that perfectly fits your passions and interests.

Often times, your first job out of law school will be with a law firm such as Avrek Law. Depending on the firm, you will get certain amounts of hands-on experience or even job training. Bigger firms will let you test out different areas before assigning you to a speciality. Be careful though. These jobs may be higher paid, but you end up working longer hours. As mentioned above, working for the government can be an incredibly reliable job with unique cases.

You can work in law without being an attorney. A lot of students out of school will look for a job clerking in a judicial office. These are considered crucial roles in your career. As a judicial clerk, you get the opportunity to see and understand every aspect of the legal system. You’ll also meet many professionals through this job, so you can start networking to further your career.

What if You No Longer Want to Be a Lawyer?

 Some individuals graduate from law school only to realize they no longer want to pursue a career as a lawyer. In this case, you can still find a successful career path. In fact, a lot of politicians and government officials earned a law degree before pursuing that field. Becoming an entrepreneur just got a lot easier after learning all the ins and outs of the law. You’ll also find a lot of jobs in financial or business counseling. A law degree can open so many doors beyond just going to work at a law firm. The degree itself is a huge accomplishment. It’s up to you to find the next step that’s right for your life.

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