Passing your driving test is one of the most exciting moments in your adult life. However, as a new driver, there’s a lot to keep in mind when heading out on the roads in Macon by yourself. Our team of Macon car accident lawyers regularly sees accidents involving new drivers, which is why we’re here to share our top tips for driving safely during your first year on the roads. We encourage you to always take your time and don’t become too confident too soon so that you keep yourself and your passengers safe at all times on the roads.

Don’t Use Your Cell Phone When Driving

While it can be tempting to call up your friends or family members and let them know where you are on your journey, as a new driver, you need to ensure you are focusing on the road at all times. About one in four cases a Mason car accident lawyer deals with is as a result of cell phones and texting. Your phone either needs to be put on do not disturb mode or out of your sight when you are driving. If you do need to use your phone in order to receive directions, make sure you have a hands-free setup or Bluetooth headset to avoid touching your screen and taking your hands off the wheel.

Don’t Trust Other Drivers on the Road

Even if you now feel comfortable driving by yourself, the biggest risk of an accident that will need a Macon car accident lawyer is the other people around you. Pay attention at all times to what the cars in front and behind of you are doing. We see a horrific number of accidents that involve someone going into the back of the car in front of them. These could easily be avoided if people paid more attention to the space between them and the car in front of them. Make sure you leave an adequate amount of space between you and the next car, both when you are driving and parked at lights.

Learn More About Your Car

Although you no doubt know how to operate your car by now, it’s a good time as a new driver to continue learning more about all of the functions and features your car offers. Many drivers don’t learn how to make the most of all of the features of their car, but you are likely doing yourself a disservice and putting your safety at risk. We encourage you to play around with your car on your driveway or take it out on a drive somewhere quiet so you can try out the different lights and functions on offer. You’ll soon know how to react in any type of driving condition. Particularly in the winter months, you’ll want to know how to keep yourself safe on the roads and ensure you aren’t putting you or your passengers at risk.

Plan Out Your Route in Advance

During your driving lessons, you probably stayed on the same roads for the majority of the time. Now that you are free to go anywhere, make sure you take the time to plan out your routes in advance. This is especially true when you take your first road trip. Driving for an extended period of time can be very tiring, so you’ll need to make sure you know where you are going. Always factor in stops on the way, so you can take a break from sitting down all day.

Driving can be quite mentally draining as a new driver, as you have to concentrate all the time. We see a lot of accidents as Macon car accident lawyers take place purely due to tiredness. Make sure you are always feeling your best when heading out in your car for a long drive so that you don’t put yourself at risk during the journey. If you do fancy heading out to a party or drinking, make sure you aren’t driving either. Always have a backup plan when you can’t drive home and then return to collect your vehicle in the morning when you are feeling better.

There’s a lot to take in as a new driver, which is why you’ll want to take it slow as you build up your confidence as a driver. Many young drivers become a little too overconfident on the roads, which leads to many accidents in the local area. Make sure you always have the number of an experienced Macon car accident lawyer saved in your phone at all times. Our team will be here to support you if you find yourself in an accident, no matter how many years you’ve been on the road. Contact us today for more information about our services and how we can help you following an incident on the roads.

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