Distracted driving is the cause of 8,000 accidents per day in the United States, according to the AAA. Cell Phone use is a leading cause of crashes and accidents on the road. Driving is a responsibility and should be taken seriously. If you do not focus while driving, you might be risking the lives of yourself and others around you. To make sure you know what is at stake, here are three things that happen when you don’t pay attention while driving.

You put yourself in danger

As a driver, your responsibility is to make sure you concentrate on the road and be aware of pedestrians and other drivers. Being distracted, whether by your phone or otherwise, can lead to major accidents. As a driver in the front seat, you are in danger crashing and jeopardizing other people’s lives.

Overall, do not do anything that takes your attention and eyes off the road. Instead, keep these directions in mind while driving:

  1. Put your cell phone away while driving and only use it for emergency situations.
  2. Limit the number of passengers in your car, as well as how much activity takes place while you drive.
  3. Eat, smoke or apply makeup before or after driving, pulling to the side if necessary.
  4. Do all other multitasking while outside of your vehicle.
  5. Pull off the road if you are feeling drowsy.

You damage your car

Aside from the high concern of safety and health, not paying attention while driving can damage your car. Being distracted can result in accidents. It also can result in smaller issues such as accidental swerves, inconsistent pressing on the gas and brakes, or varying speeds. These smaller issues can take a toll on your car and may result in having to replace certain parts. If that is the case, visit your local car dealership to get more information on replacing car parts. If the damages are more serious, such as after an accident, then purchasing a new car might be necessary. The car dealership in Harrisburg, PA, offers a used inventory as well as a collision center to answer all body shop-related questions and needs.

You break the law

Finally, not paying attention while driving means you are disobeying the law, which requires every driver to be responsible and alert. In Pennsylvania, and in many states, texting or using your phone while driving is against the law. The penalty is a $50 fine, plus court costs and other fees. The use of hands-free devices is highly encouraged. When police officers see visible signs of being distracted, such as not having both hands on the steering wheel or leaning over to the backseat, they might ask the driver to pull over. Distraction can also lead to tailgating, weaving around traffic, or cutting off other drivers.

If you ignore the laws, you might face criminal charges. If you’re traveling through Canada and are in an accident that’s your fault, your first move should be to find an attorney to represent you. For example, a car accident lawyer in Vancouver would help you get through the ordeal.

The key to proper driving is to always be on the alert. Keep the safety of you and of others in mind as you drive, and don’t make any mistakes you will regret later. Keep your eyes moving — but always on the road — and be aware of the other cars around you. As long as you stay smart, you’ll be safe.

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