If you feel your employee rights keep getting violated, you surely are not the first. A 2015 report by Insurance Journal revealed that US-based small and medium-sized firms had a 12% chance of facing an employment charge.

While you have to stand and fight for your rights, it’s good to seek professional help, and I bet an employee rights attorney would be the best bet. Every state is in no short of attorneys, so you only need to identify your ideal lawyer. Here are a few tips on evaluating Connecticut employee rights attorneys.

Use Referrals

It probably sounds traditional but can be quite helpful. You want to find someone who has had a similar issue and know the lawyers’ kind of assistance. Besides, what better way to know the highly regarded lawyers in your area?

Make sure you have a set of questions such as if the attorney was responsive, did the lawyer provide updates about the suit’s progress, and whether the issue was finally resolved. Consult around and find answers to all the questions you may have.

Other professionals, such as accountants or attorneys in different specializations, could have a personal touch with attorneys and give useful insights.

Go Online

The information you need to decide on an attorney is just a click away. Most lawyers have a website that incorporates all the relevant information about them. It will prove quite useful if you make time to go through the websites of your potential attorneys. Compare their aspects, considering even simple characteristics such as their locations.

Make use of other online information such as reviews and note what people feel about different firms or individual attorneys.

Check their Specializations

The legal field is quite extensive, with specialists in different branches of law. Some provide legal services as general practitioners, although you’d better find a specialist in employment laws. Focusing on labor law attorneys narrows down your evaluation scope and helps you land the right professional with less hassle.

Compare the Level of Experience

An attorney who has been solving similar cases for a long time has greater potential to navigate the procedures and make arguments that will have you winning. More practice means more experience, and therefore, you could use their professional history in your selection.

You may get such information through interviews or look for it on their website. Whichever way you choose to go, it would help if you settle for experienced professionals.

Compare the Firm Size

The firm’s size tells you how established it is and whether the professionals have the necessary resources. Large firms promise greater specialization and a pool of professional minds that could be useful for your case.

Small firms have their benefits as well, such as having cheaper fees, but you would feel more confident with a large and established firm handling your case.

Having a variety always sounds good, but when you have too many professionals, trying to identify the best can be a daunting task. However, you are sure to make a worthy choice with the above tips.


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