A California attorney for traffic tickets can handle many types of infractions, including speeding, DUI and red light camera tickets. You may have thought you could make it pass the yellow light in time only to accidentally end up in the middle of the intersection while the light was red. The fine for these tickets can often exceed $500, so hiring an experienced lawyer may be the most cost-effective method available to you. Luckily, there are plenty of defenses for these tickets.

No Witness

When you fight the ticket in court, someone associated with the manufacturing of the camera needs to appear in court to claim the camera was in perfect working order at the time the picture was taken. In the event a representative cannot appear, then your attorney can argue that the authenticity of the photo cannot be verified. The case may be thrown out entirely in this instance.


There are a number of reasons why a red light camera photo turns out blurry. If even a portion of the license plate is blurred, then your red light camera ticket lawyer in Los Angeles can use that as sufficient doubt to claim the person in the photo was not you.

Additional Evidence 

Having a lawyer represent you means you have someone who will actively seek out extenuating evidence to bolster your claim. For example, some lawyers will visit the scene and time the traffic light transition going from yellow to red. If it is shorter than average, then it could be argued you were unable to get through the intersection within a reasonable amount of time.

Lawyers for a suspended license will know what the best defense is for your particular case. Attorneys from Ticket Clinic know all the ins and outs of red light camera tickets, so reach out to one through the organization’s online contact form for more information.

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