The overall crash risk for cyclists is based on the environment in which they operate. This includes the presence of motor vehicles and potential exposure to pedestrians and cyclists. This article discusses a number of ways to improve cyclist safety. This article also includes information about signaling and road construction. To ensure cyclist safety, you need to be observant and aware of traffic laws and regulations.

Pedestrian safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) mission is to save lives and prevent injuries by improving the safety of all motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists on our roadways. The website offers resources on pedestrian safety, bicycling, and highway design, as well as research and best practices. The website also houses an interactive tool for identifying areas for safety improvements.

Bicyclist safety

While cycling, you need to be aware of the hazards. In particular, you must be aware of the speed of motorized traffic. This is the main factor that increases the risk of a cyclist being in a fatal or serious crash. Speeding increases the risk of a cyclist being injured or killed by a motor vehicle by about eleven times.

Keep in mind that some cities are safer than others. This is why you have to ask questions like Is Bufallo, NY safe for cyclists? A Google search will help you find such answers and will get you prepared for unsafe situations.


Whether you’re riding alone or in a group, cycling hand signals can make a huge difference. Not only will you be able to communicate with drivers, but you’ll also be able to help prevent collisions. Using hand signals can become complicated, and different group rides may have different rules and common signals.

Road construction

When road construction is taking place, cyclist safety must be a top priority. Construction zones may present unique hazards for cyclists, including debris and unknown travel patterns. Bicyclists should be cautious, paying attention to signs, signals and signs posted by construction workers. They should also pay close attention to the road surface for loose gravel, equipment, and sharp edges.


Bicycle helmets are a great way to protect your head from injury, but you need to choose the right one for your needs. While they don’t protect against concussions, they can dramatically reduce the risk of sustaining serious head injury in a crash. One Norwegian researcher looked at more than 100,000 accidents and found that cyclists wearing a helmet reduced the risk of serious head injuries by 60 percent. Another study of 6,267 cyclists found that those wearing a helmet had a lower rate of TBI, and their mortality was lower.

Rules of the road

There are a few rules of the road that cyclists must follow to be safe. One of these rules is that they must yield to pedestrians and operate their bikes within the speed limits of the traffic around them. They should also stop at intersections where pedestrians cross the street. They must also use due care to avoid collisions. If they cannot yield to the pedestrian, they should wait for the bike signal or green light to cross. They should also give an audible signal before passing.


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