Traffic accidents are often life-changing, more so if they are fatal. Such crashes may involve cars, motorcycles, trucks or even pedestrians, but one common factor is that they result in the death of one or more people. Losing a loved one in a car accident can be tragic and you definitely deserve compensation from the at-fault driver. Apart from the monetary relief from their insurance company, you would also want the driver to be punished for their negligence. To ensure that you get fair settlement and justice, you need to know all about compensation for the wrongful death of your loved one in a fatal car accident.

Who can claim compensation in fatal crashes?

The family members of the deceased accident victim are entitled to compensation for their wrongful death. Even if the driver at fault has little or no insurance, you can still claim from your family’s auto insurance policy. The members who have a legal right in this context include the victim’s spouse, parents, biological children, step children, adopted children, grandchildren and even child’s spouse. Children are legally regarded as the members of the victim’s household even if their custody is shared with a former spouse. Similarly, parents sharing the custody of a fatally injured child may also pursue coverage from insurance policies in their respective households.

What are the damages you can recover?

When it comes to fatal crashes, you can seek damage under a wrongful death claim. Each state has its own laws and deadlines for such cases. Obviously, it is best to let an expert car accident lawyer who knows the law in your state handle your case. They will ensure that you get the following damage for the death of your family member in the fatal mishap:

  • Bills for emergency medical services provided to the deceased after the accident
  • Pain and suffering that the victim went through before death
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of future income and benefits
  • Spousal loss of consortium
  • Loss of guidance suffered by the victim’s biological or adopted children
  • Loss of companionship suffered by the victim’s family members, including spouses, siblings, children, step-children, grandchildren and parents

How can you recover damages for wrongful death?

Fatal car accident claims happen to be complicated and time-sensitive, apart from being high-dollar in value. You can trust only an expert to protect your claim and ensure that you get fair compensation for the emotional and financial losses borne due the death of a loved one. While it is vital to prove that death happened due to a fatal crash caused by the negligence of the other driver, you also need to settle the claim or file a lawsuit in time. If the statute of limitations runs out, you will simply lose your right to seek compensation. Moreover, there are good chances that the insurance company would take you for a ride unless you have a seasoned lawyer handling the negotiations.

It is natural to suffer from immense grief when you lose a loved one but the last thing you should do is to give up on your compensation. Rather, you should also ensure that the guilty driver is also punished for the death of your family member.

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