There are plenty of unexpected events that can happen in life that take you by surprise and leave you scrambling to react in the best way possible. One of those unexpected events that can leave you frazzled, and stressed at the very least, is to be in a car accident. Whether it is a minor fender bender, or something more serious, a car accident isn’t something anyone anticipates and often leaves people confused as to what their course of action should be. Sure, you want to get medical attention if needed, but what other steps should you take?

To help ensure you are prepared should the unexpected happen, here’s a look at what information you should record after being in a car accident, no matter the severity of it.

The Basics of What to Write Down

When it comes to the basics of what to write down, there is some general information that people are advised to get. Keep in mind that this will also depend on your physical state and injuries after the accident. If you are injured and require immediate medical attention, that’s where the focus should lie. Call the appropriate first responders (ambulance and police), and let them worry about the information. Then, you’ll need the following car accident information if you wish to contact an attorney following the incident:

  • The names of all the drivers involved, their insurance information, their license plate number, and their license
  • How many cars were involved in the accident
  • Witness names and contact information
  • A brief list of the damage incurred (on all vehicles involved)
  • What tow trucks were called (the company name and contact information)
  • If ambulance and police were called to the scene
  • The date, time of day, and where the accident occurred

Take Photos with Your Smartphone

While this doesn’t involve writing anything down, it’s a good idea to take as many photos of possible that document the car accident. Of course, it needs to be safe to do so – don’t be walking into oncoming traffic just to get a photo. It’s also wise to take any photos of injuries to your body – if applicable. This includes things like cuts, bruises, swelling, and so forth. It’s all about building a file of visual documentation should it be needed.

Write Down Your Account of the Accident

As soon as you possibly can, it’s also a good idea to write down your personal account of the accident. What happened from your point of view? What was the course of action? Are there any seemingly irrelevant details you remember? The sooner you can write this down, the better, as you don’t want to forget anything that ends up being important later on.

Knowing how to react after a car accident, and what you should write down can help you to get the best outcome possible should you need to file a claim. Make a note of the above should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a car accident.

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