Anaheim, California is considered one of the theme park capitals of the US, thanks to Disneyland and the other Disney attractions like Disney California Adventure Land and the Disney Resort.

Aside from the parks, one can also visit the Angel Stadium, the home of Anaheim’s baseball team, or the 1919 citrus packing company turned into a food and shopping hub. Frankly speaking, you will never run out of things to do in Anaheim California.

But with all the activities that one can enjoy in Anaheim comes the possibility of potential injuries. Around 30,000 theme-park-related injuries happen every year. If you or someone you love got into an accident and got hurt in Anaheim, it’s best to know the ideal thing to do and who to go to in these times of uncertainty and confusion.

Seek medical attention

If you suffered an injury in Anaheim or any place for that matter, the primary thing to do is to be checked by a medical professional. Our bodies don’t immediately manifest signs of injury, so it is best to see a doctor even though the damage is not apparent. Some places require a specific period to seek medical attention; otherwise, you will lose the privilege to pursue personal injury claims.

Consult a personal injury attorney

After getting the medical attention you need, the next thing to do is contact an experienced and passionate personal injury attorney. Narrate the details of your accident and injury to the attorney, and he will assess whether or not you have a valid claim.

Many Anaheim personal injury attorneys provide a free initial consultation. The best thing about them is that they will work on a contingency basis, which means that they will only take their legal fees from whatever money you receive. Simply put, they will get their payment only if you get paid. You don’t have to spend any cent from your pocket.

Actively participate in the investigation and lawsuit

Your attorney’s goal is to know the details of the accident or injury from all angles—medical treatment, records, medical bills, and anything related to the damage or the accident to prove that your injuries were the result of someone’s misdoings or negligence. Maintain regular communication with your attorney, follow his advice and instructions. You should likewise participate in the litigation if directed.

What will a good attorney do about your personal injury case?

Here is a short timeline of what you should expect an attorney to do in a personal injury case:

The attorney starts making demands and negotiations

For small personal injury cases, settlements happen even before litigation begins. If a settlement is the best option, the attorney will make demands to the opposing counsel or the opposite side’s insurance firm.

It is noteworthy that the plaintiff or the injured person should reach the level of maximum medical improvement (MMI) before any litigation or settlement takes place. The reason is for the attorney to know the actual value of the case.

The lawsuit begins

If the two parties did not agree on the settlement, the attorney files the personal injury lawsuit in the proper court. It usually takes one to two years for a case to go to trial. Remember that there is a statute of limitations and strict deadlines in filing different kinds of lawsuits.

The discovery phase

This part is where attorneys of each side investigate the claims and defenses of their counterparts. Depositions, interrogatories, and document requests happen during this period, lasting from six months to a year.

Mediation and negotiation

This period is where settlement talks begin anew. Mediation is when a third party enters the picture and helps resolve the case alongside the lawyers and the clients.


If and when mediation didn’t work, there will be a trial. Depending on the case’s complexity, the litigation may last a day, a week, sometimes longer than that.


Wherever we are and however safety-conscious we might be, accidents will happen. Accidents typically occur without any warning, leaving us unsure and unprepared about what to do next. The key is to keep your presence of mind and practice decisive decision-making. Follow our simple steps – seek medical help, contact a personal injury attorney, and actively participate in the investigation.

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