State legal guidelines and the Truthful Labor Requirements Act (FLSA) delineate necessary protections for New Jersey employees, entitling them to sure ranges of compensation. New Jersey wage and hour regulation covers authorized areas like time beyond regulation regulation and minimal wage regulation, that are necessary for any New Jersey worker to know and perceive.New Jersey Time beyond regulation LawThe time beyond regulation legal guidelines in New Jersey are similar to these established by the Federal authorities. In New Jersey, any hours labored over 40 in a workweek are to be paid at time-and-a-half for non-exempt workers. To elucidate a bit additional:
A workweek is a recurring, 168 (7-day)-consecutive-hour interval. Your time beyond regulation is at all times calculated inside the area of seven consecutive days that start and finish on the identical day. This retains your employer from averaging weeks collectively or beginning them on completely different days to disclaim you time beyond regulation.
Time-and-a-half is 1.5 occasions your common fee of hourly pay. For salaried workers, which means dividing your yearly wage (together with merit-based commissions and bonuses) by 52 weeks, then dividing that quantity by 40 hours. That’s your hourly fee. Multiply it by 1.5 to see your New Jersey time beyond regulation fee.
Exempt workers are usually salaried employees who make over $455 every week and fall into the manager, administrative, or skilled classes outlined within the FLSA. Whether or not they do or not relies on their job duties. A employee with the title “head of ____” shouldn’t be exempt merely primarily based on that title. The duties she or he really performs will decide exemption.

New Jersey Minimal Wage LawThe minimal wage in New Jersey is identical because the Federal minimal wage: $7.25 an hour. Another necessary minimal wage protections embrace:
Protections for tipped workers: When you make over $30 a month in ideas, these can rely towards your minimal wage credit score. Nonetheless, in case you fail to satisfy the minimal wage together with your tipped wages alone, your employer should pay you for the distinction. Most New Jersey eating places and tip-driven wage environments pay a direct wage of $2.13 per hour as a safeguard, as advised by regulation.
Minors (underneath 18) usually are not assured the New Jersey minimal wage, until they work within the meals service, retail, magnificence tradition, cleansing and dyeing, resort and motel, attire, or first processing of farm merchandise industries.

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