Slip and fall accidents are considered the leading workplace problems you can experience as a business owner. These situations can cause minor to severe injuries including bruises, head injuries, sprains and broken bones. In fact, a slip and fall accident claim can be a potential risk to your business’ profitability. However, there are ways by which you can actively reduce the threat of slips and falls in your workplace. Here are some of them.

  1. Be sure to have proper lighting.

A comfortable workplace means proper lighting. If you get to install good lighting inside and outside your business establishment, there will be no more reason for injuries to happen. For instance, the installation of lights can help brighten areas that are considered as standard places where employees and customers usually slip or fall.

  1. Don’t forget to install stairways with reflective tapes and handrails.

It’s important to note that stairs in poor condition are the usual reason for an employee to fall and be injured. That’s why taking extra caution is needed to decrease the likelihood of getting slip and fall injuries. To help lower the risk of this kind of accident, don’t forget to put reflective tape at the top and bottom stairs. Furthermore, make sure your stairways have handrails and most importantly keep them free from dangerous objects.

  1. Make sure your walking surfaces are clean and free of obstructions.

A clean and unobstructed walking surface can guarantee your employees’ safety from a slipping accident. By having clear walkways in your workplace, you can minimize the possibility of getting injured due to a potential slip and fall hazard.

  1. Put signage.

Nobody from your employees will be exposed to an injury if you use bright signage. By placing signs that call the attention of anyone, you can help them become more aware and cautious about their surroundings. Also, set the signage in a way your employees will be attentive regarding a gap, a step, and an uneven surface.

  1. Remove spills right away.

Don’t delay the cleaning up of spills in your business area. If you notice something slippery on the floor surface, call for a janitor and have it cleaned up immediately. Once you’ve already seen a spill, be sure nobody slips on it by placing warning signs around until the clean-up is done.

  1. Look for cracks or holes in your building flooring.

You can keep your employees safe from slip and fall accidents when you regularly examine your floor condition. Ask your building maintenance to check whether there are cracks or holes in the flooring. If you find some flooring issues, have them fixed immediately. As much as possible, put a warning sign when repair is on-going.

  1. Require your employees to wear the appropriate footwear in your building.

Wearing the proper footwear can go a long way in reducing the risk of a slip and fall injury. To ensure your employees’ safety, check whether your employees are using shoes with traction as much as possible. Be sure their shoes are appropriate in the specific work conditions you have for your business.

Practically speaking, slip and fall accidents are preventable. While these can happen because of your own or someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you can still have something to do to avoid them in the first place. By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep everyone in your company including your customers safe and away from harm. To prevent the likelihood of facing a slip and fall accident lawsuit or other construction accidents, you can take full advantage of your knowledge and understanding by speaking with an experienced lawyer in your area.

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