Family-related conflicts threaten the relationship of the couple and adversely affect the upbringing process of their child. The clashes among the family members arise due to different views or perspectives towards a particular situation. The occasional conflicts are common, and it is part of family life. Communicating positively may solve the issues, but what if the problems are turning to worse. Hence, to safeguard the interest of every individual, family laws are constructed as a legal practice area that emphasizes these kinds of cases. Ludmer Law is a private law practice that offers family law services.

Objective of Family Law 

Family law can affect both casual and distant relationships. The main objective of family law is to facilitate fast settlement among the family members without many formalities or expenses. It promotes revised and mutual agreement between the parties for conciliation. It is formulated to prevent physical and mental abuse. The court considers the relationship of partners and contends jurisdiction to protect the interest of other members. The procedure of family courts is quite friendly as it works with fewer formalities. An experienced lawyer in Latham & Watkins LLP can help in this.

Several reasons, such as improper infrastructure, lack of attorney, biased counseling, or another improper executive mechanism, can result in a delay in court proceedings.

Conflict Divorce and Parental Alienation 

Divorce or separation of a couple results in termination of their relationship. It leads to the entailment of canceling or reorganizing the legal responsibilities and duties of marriage. The couple can move to jointly file a divorce petition and appear in court to record the statement. Further, the court assesses the petition, documents, and record statement to pass the order.

This separation condition may lead to the unjustified disdain of children to their parents. Parental alienation is defined as the process of estrangement of a child due to psychological manipulation and stress from the parents. According to a study, around 11-15% of divorce cases give rise to the condition of parental alienation. The court can impose sanctions on the alienating parent and modify custody accordingly. Further, the child may be sent for reunification therapy.

Ludmer Law on Family Related Conflicts

If we are talking about family-related conflicts, you should know about Ludmer law. The law firm is composed of well-qualified lawyers who provide expert service to their clients. Ludmer law deals with issues related to high conflict divorce, property disputes, denial of custody, income disputes, and other confront matters.

Each state has a distinctive set of laws that determines the rights of both sides. Couples who don’t agree with the state rules and regulations can opt out by hiring a skilled attorney to file a prenuptial agreement. Further, the court can reinforce premarital agreement. To solve the convoluted family law cases, people find it quite reliable to hire an attorney who can bring more advantages to their case. The attorneys help by collecting information from another party which they try to hide. They may lead the case to trial if the settlement is disagreeable.


Major issues associated with divorce include child custody, child visitation or access, parental time, and child support are settled by the family court. To solve the contested cases, attorney representation will benefit. In the absence of lawyers, another party may use a vulnerable method to waive significant legal rights unknowingly.

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