There’s a reason why we have to be really prepared before traveling abroad. Even if you’ve planned everything to the last minute, there are still unexpected circumstances that can happen to us while abroad. One of the most unfortunate situations that can happen to us while abroad is getting involved in a car accident. If you were involved in a car accident abroad, know that you can claim compensation.

Claiming Compensation for a Car Accident Abroad

If you suffered an injury from a car accident abroad, you are entitled to claim compensation especially if the other party is at fault. Compensation is awarded to injured victims of the crash to help them get the treatment and care they deserve. The compensation will pay for all their medical expenses and their financial loss.

If you are involved in a car accident abroad, it helps to do the following actions to increase the chances of your claim being successful.

  • Gather all documents that can serve as evidence for your claim. These include police reports, photographs of the scene of the accident, and written accounts of witnesses (if there are any).
  • Get the names and contact details of everyone involved in the car accident including the at-fault party and witnesses.
  • Secure a copy of all your medical reports from your doctors or anything that can help prove the medical treatment you have to get for the injuries caused by the car accident.
  • Keep a tab of your other expenses that you’ve incurred including travel costs or equipment replacement as a result of the car accident. You’ll also be given compensation for these expenses once your claim becomes a success.

The amount of compensation you receive vary from country to country. But most of the time it will depend on the number of damages and the severity of your injuries.

Time Limit for Claiming Compensation

Time limit for claiming compensation for a car accident abroad also varies from country to country.

  • In the UK, you can have up to three years after the car accident to make a claim.
  • In France, you can have five years, while in China you only have one year.

Most countries though have a three-year time limit where you can make a claim. This will start from the date of when the car accident happened. If you can’t make your claim within that time limit, you’ll lose your right to seek compensation forever.

Contact Your Insurer

It is also important to notify your insurance company or the rental company if you were using a hired car at the time of the accident.

If you were involved in a car accident in a foreign country, we suggest you contact a skilled car accident attorney with a good amount of experience dealing with compensation claims abroad, especially if you’re dealing with a distracted driver. The compensation process abroad can be very complicated so it’s important that you have a legal representative you can trust for helping you recover from the injuries and damages you suffered because of the car accident.

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