If you have been injured or become sick at work, you may be wondering whether or not you will need to contact a worker’s compensation lawyer. The truth is that not every worker who files a claim will need to hire an attorney since the worker’s compensation system is designed to be a process that’s quite easy for the majority of workers to navigate. If your claim is quite straightforward, and there are no employer disputes or insurance company disputes, chances are you will be able to handle your own claim. However, sadly, the process isn’t always that easy or simple for some workers, who will need to consider hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer.

When a Lawyer Isn’t Needed

In some cases, a worker’s compensation lawyer probably won’t be required. This is usually in a case that your employer or their insurance company is very unlikely to dispute, such as a relatively minor work-related injury that completely heals on its own or with the appropriate treatment. If your injury is obviously related to work, doesn’t require any extensive treatment or a long amount of time taken off work to recover, and hasn’t resulted in any permanent injuries or disabilities, your claim should be straightforward without a lawyer.

When You May Want to Hire a Lawyer

In some cases, it will be necessary to hire a lawyer. This is typically the case any time you are in a dispute with your employer or their insurance company. A lawyer representing you can help you gather the evidence you need to challenge the position of the insurance company, which could include taking depositions, arranging for you to undergo a medical examination, and finding expert witnesses – these steps are best done with an experienced lawyer, like this Scranton worker’s compensation lawyer, by your side.

Is It Worth Hiring a Lawyer?

You may be wondering if hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer is going to be financially worth it for you, and the answer is yes if your claim is being denied, disputed, or there are other issues such as you are unable to continue working or you are receiving government benefits that could affect your claim. You will be glad to hear that unlike other lawyers, worker’s compensation lawyers do not typically charge an hourly rate but instead charge a contingency fee of a percentage of any worker’s compensation benefits that they help you get. You are likely to get a much higher settlement offer with a lawyer involved, and the percentage of the fee that they can charge you is capped in many states, generally between 15-25%.

Finding a Lawyer

If you believe that your case is worth talking to a lawyer for, finding the right one is essential. Ideally, you will want to find your own lawyer rather than go with one recommended by your employer to avoid a conflict of interest. Ask people in your circles for recommendations, research local worker’s compensation lawyers online, and ask questions to ensure that you’re working with a lawyer who is right for you and your case.

In most simple worker’s compensation cases, a lawyer isn’t usually needed. But if your case is more complicated, you will want to consider getting legal representation.

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