If you are practicing law, or are planning to study to become a lawyer, then you might want to know which areas of law are best to specialize in. The good news is that there are many different areas, and most people will choose to specialize in the area that they find the most interesting. Others will go where the highest demand is. Below we have listed some of the more popular areas of law that you might find interesting:

Corporate Law

Corporate law is very interesting, offering the opportunity for lawyers to work with both small and large organizations. Corporate lawyers are responsible for ensuring their clients know their legal rights and responsibilities and that they are complying with regulations within their state (and beyond). They might help companies with contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, raising capital, and joint ventures.

Family Law

Family lawyers work with individuals and their families to help them resolve domestic matters. This might include divorce or annulment of marriages, custody battles, adoption, domestic violence cases, surrogacy, prenuptial agreements, financial settlements, and maintenance payments. A family lawyer might represent clients in court or in out-of-court dispute resolutions. They will draft and submit documents, liaise with professionals, and examine historical cases that could impact the outcome for their clients.

Immigration Law

Immigration lawyers help those who are looking to enter the United States legally. This might be those who are fleeing war torn countries and are seeking asylum or those looking to move to the United States to be with family members. According to the immigration lawyers at Graham Adair, this specialty is complex but interesting, with no two cases the same. As well as helping people move to the U.S. for family or humanitarian reasons, they also advise businesses who wish to hire foreign workers.

Real Estate Law

Lawyers specializing in real estate are responsible for making sure that property is legally transferred from a seller to a buyer. They will take care of preparing necessary documentation and ensuring that titles are clear. They will liaise with financial institutes and provide documentation for the transfer of funds to the seller.  Real estate lawyers will rarely need to go to court to do their work.

Tax Law

Those who choose tax law as their specialty will have a remarkably interesting job as there are many aspects to this area of law. To practice in tax law, the lawyer will need to know all about tax liability in terms of business transactions, estate transfers, income, and acquisitions of both intellectual and physical property. Tax lawyers work both in courtrooms resolving disputes and on a consultation basis, providing tax advice. A tax lawyer will offer advice on wealth management, wills, trusts, and inheritance to individuals. They will work with companies to help ensure they are meeting their tax obligations, and they may be present at audit hearings.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury lawyers will provide advice or representation to those who have been injured because of the negligence of another person or an organization. These lawyers will investigate personal injury claims and look for evidence to back up the claim. They will assess financial loss resulting from the injury and take the case to court if a settlement cannot be reached. If a trial takes place, the lawyer will represent their client and work to achieve the most beneficial outcome for the client. Personal injury lawyers also work for the defendant and in so doing will attempt to have the claim nullified, or at least limit the financial costs.

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