If possible, you do not want to reach the point when you have to testify in a trial due to a car accident. You want your lawyers to speak with the lawyers of the car insurance company to discuss the settlement offer. However, there are instances when both parties might not agree on anything, and if this is the case, the last resort is to go to trial.

Even if you are sure that you can win the case, it will still be a different scenario once you are in court. You might even feel strongly about your version of the story, but you start to falter once the lawyers of the other side start pounding on you. Therefore, you need to find the best car accident lawyer and start your preparation for the trial.

Learn the courtroom procedure

You need to study the courtroom procedures so that you can act accordingly in court. You need to address everyone in the room with respect, as understanding what to expect during a trial could help ease your anxiety. Your lawyer needs to prepare you for the procedure.

Go over your testimony again

You will be up on the podium to testify and give your version of the story. In some cases, the judge will ask you to submit a written testimony before you go to court, so you need to retain the same version of the story or else the other side will accuse you of being inconsistent. Even if you did not intend to say incoherent words, you could still end up being on the losing side.

Get ready for a grilling

Some lawyers could be tough in asking questions. You may already know how to answer these questions, but you might get stunned by the way you receive them even if you already have the answer in your mind, as it might come out in a way you didn’t expect. Sometimes, the way you respond could affect the decision of the judge, so looking confident during the cross-examination shows that you are telling the truth and you have nothing to hide.

Show images and other evidence

You can boost your case if you have evidence to show. Photographs taken after the incident could help shed light on the situation, and lawyers usually show the evidence to establish the fact that the other side was at fault and maximize your eligibility for collecting insurance money. When you receive questions related to the images shown, you also need to know what to say.

Calculate the damages

It is easy to prove that you are asking for a justified amount if you can show your calculation of the losses. Ask for estimates for car repair work as well as look for reputable shops that can thoroughly estimate the cost. You also need to ask for medical treatment estimates and trusted hospitals can happily give an accurate assessment.

After going through all these steps, you will be ready to face the judge and the other parties in court. You will not falter or be inconsistent because you will know what to do.

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