The advanced technological world has not left any stone unturned to offer services in a series of domains. Apps are so much in the trends that you name a service and an app is there for it. And, worth mentioning that apps frequently appear in technology news. It is not surprising at all to mention that the legal apps make it easy to get the desired assistance. These apps help you remain safe even if you are facing any difficulty. Because of their efficiency, legal apps have a popularity of their own. In order to offer a limelight to these apps once again, here is a compilation of the best legal applications.

Ask a Lawyer: Legal Help

The app offers preliminary legal advice to the common people who are not all versed in the legal terms and the technology. The legal advice is given free of charge from attorneys and thus the users need not worry about the authenticity of the advice. There is the option of messaging attorney direct through a message or opt for the live chat option. In both of the cases, the users are going to get authentic advice.


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Disastr is the web application, which helps the people affected with natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy. Precisely, it offers support to the disaster victim in the time of emergency. The app not only offers disaster relief but also breaking news and link to get connected to the legal professionals. Advice on healthcare and other important concerns is also available for the people on the app.


FBI Child ID

The app keeps tips on keeping the children safe and secured from kidnapping possibilities. The app also offers guidance on what to do within 48 hours in case any mishap occurs with the children. The app offers an option to store photos and vital information about their children by their parents. The app has already helped a number of families in Puerto Rico to rescue children from kidnapping possibilities.


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LawZam is the web application that offers legal advice to the people. The app works by inviting people to its site and ask them to post their legal issues that a qualified lawyer answers with a free consultation initially. The app has exceptional elements including video conferencing that enables both the parties to talk personally on any of the issues to figure out the best solution. And, the best part, the web app is free for both the parties.


Legal aid news

This is a handy tool for the people who are looking to get all the latest update in the legal arena. Users can browse through the application to get the general legal news, state-by-state news as well as update on the national legal concerns. Visiting through the app, a person can get all the latest from the legal world besides increasing his knowledge of legal concerns.


The bottom line

This is all about the most prominent apps that offer legal assistance to the users. Have a look at these apps and in case you are looking forward to gaining knowledge on the legal concerns, browse through any of the following to advance your knowledge on the same.


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