“What am I going to do now?” This question is the primary question many people ask themselves upon being involved in an unintentional fall or accident resulting in serious injury. It takes the knowledge and skill of a well-informed attorney to guide such individuals to the correct legal answer. Through expertise and knowledge of the law, a good lawyer assists their clients to recoup damages monetarily for trauma, lost wages and a plethora of other things. Lawyers piece together details to pinpoint clarity of ownership, negligence and rightful compensation to the injured party or parties.

Professional legal recommendations are often based on the fact that most accidents are preventable. According to the National Safety Council statistics, there was a considerable increase in accidental injuries and even accidental deaths in 2016 resulting from preventable conditions. In spite of the lengths corporate and private property owners take to prevent liability claims, injury accidents can and do happen – it’s a statistical certainty. Some conditions which frequently cause accidental injury on private property include but are not limited to: rickety stairs, icy walkways and uneven pavement. Legal counsel will almost surely expose previous neglect and more importantly emphasize the defendant’s neglect and failure to perform the basic responsibilities of property management.

This is where knowledge of property law is crucial; the everyday average person has limited knowledge of his or her rights as it relates to property laws, and who could blame them? Life is too short and the days are too busy to be filling your head with the complex nuances of property laws. Intricate cases may require interpretation down to the letter in order to properly divide responsibility and entitlement to compensation. A legal counselor well versed in this area can ensure that every provision the law possesses will be distributed to the rightful party in its entirety.

One thing individuals can do to be proactive is have a lawyer on retainer just in case. Incidentally, the same is true for the property owner. There is the element of fraud that runs rampant in today’s society that homeowners and corporate entities alike must protect themselves from. Proving fraud such as a false slip and fall accident can be difficult, but wise legal counsel is available for that aspect of personal injury law.



In conclusion, it is important to be able to discern the importance of enlisting the expertise of a lawyer. Whether the culprit is rickety stairs or otherwise, a call to a reputable law firm is typically in order. Whenever there is a liability claim to be addressed, especially a preventable accidental injury (or death) claim, it pays to place the details in the hands of a skilled law professional. Injured individuals who do so will afford themselves a legal guide through the maze of property law while their financial and medical future is defended and protected.

Speak with a workers compensation lawyer immediately if you or a loved one is hurt on somebody else’s property; getting the ball rolling quickly and establishing the facts while they’re still fresh can make all the difference, so don’t delay!


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