First, ensure that you and your partner or spouse have earned the required amount before applying. Don’t start the process if this is not the case because you may end up wasting both your time and money. If it’s going to require you to work a little longer while your spouse waits a bit longer too, it’ll be worth it at last. To qualify, you must have earned nothing less than £18,000 for 6 months.

We would recommend who achieved a  Spouse Visa UK Success Rate of 97% as compared to the UK average of 76%

Make sure to keep at least 6 months worth of payslips and bank statements. This is important to avoid questioning or delay when you’re being asked for more documentation or proof. There have been a lot of reports from people who only have 3 months payslips to provide. If the home office asks for 6 months worth of payslips, provide them with it.

Always stay organised; make sure your documents and papers are arranged in the order of right index and also labelled in the right way according to each section.

You may not be able to provide enough information or proof where your relationship is concerned, the home office for visa application doesn’t care if you send them your personal chats with your partner from Skype. Include letters sent through the mail, wedding photos, Facebook logs, birthday cards and every other thing you might have shared together before.

Note cards and annotations

If something pops up and you feel the need to share or explain, you can always drop an additional note next to the provided documents.

Make sure you’re truthful at each level

Stay honest throughout your application process and even after you are done. In the case where you feel your application may be rejected if you try to be honest about a situation, you can always stay patient so that you can figure out a way around it before applying.

You have no reason to panic

As long as you’re able to produce all required facts and information that is required of you, there’s no need for you to be scared of rejection.

Stay consistent

As it’s been rightly highlighted above, make sure you deal with all documents and filings with honesty. Your incoming bank account activities must be the same as your payslips.

Don’t forget to pen down cover letters

You may have to write a cover letter that better explains the importance of your relationship, and why it’s important to continue with the application.




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