Whether you were bitten by a neighbor’s dog, in a car accident, or slipped and fell, you could receive compensation for your injuries. With the right personal injury lawyer, you can file a claim for the compensation you deserve.

There are over 135,200 personal injury lawyers and attorneys in the US, however. It’s important to know how to find the one professional equipped to handle your case.

Here are five qualities to consider before you hire a personal injury attorney. With these tips, you can find a lawyer who will fight for your rights. Keep reading to learn more before starting your search!

  1. Years of Experience

Every professional learns from experience over time. While there are over 135,200 personal injury lawyers in the country, they don’t all have the same experience. In fact, there are different types of personal injury lawyers you can choose from.

Before you pursue a personal injury lawsuit, consider your case. Were you in an auto accident? Are you suing someone for defamation?

When searching for a personal injury attorney, make sure they have the specialized experience you need.

Choosing a personal injury attorney who has years of experience will give you peace of mind that they know how to handle your case.

  1. A History of Wins

Once you find a personal injury attorney with plenty of experience, take a look at their track record.

How many cases have they tried over the years? How many of those lawsuits are similar to yours? How many cases did the lawyer win?

Make sure to compare their recent and overall history. You might find the lawyer has improved over time.

  1. Communication Skills

About 73% of employers want a candidate who has strong communication skills. During your search for a personal injury lawyer, prioritize looking for someone who can communicate well. Their skills should cover written and verbal communication.

Your lawyer will need to speak on your behalf in a courtroom. If they’re not a strong communicator, they could fail to argue your case.

  1. Analytical Skills

It’s also important to find a local personal injury lawyer with analytical skills.

Your lawyer will need to analyze the details of your case and the opposing counsel’s legal strategy. If they don’t develop a strategy based on your case, they could fail to win your personal injury settlement.

With a professional like personal injury lawyer Michael S. Lamonsoff, you’ll have the team you need to succeed.

  1. A Contingency Fee Structure

Take the time to review each lawyer’s contract. What fee structure do they use?

A contingency fee structure means the lawyer won’t receive payment until they win your case. Choosing a lawyer with this fee structure will work in your favor. They’ll feel more inclined to win your personal injury lawsuit.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust: 5 Qualities to Look For

Finding the right personal injury lawyer can make all the difference for your case. By prioritizing these qualities, you can find someone you can trust.

Their legal strategy will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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