According to the National Center for Health Statistics, around 31 million people are injured every year in the US. Accidents are becoming too common and it really pays  to know what you should do in the event you get into one. 

Whether you’re suffering from an injury caused by a car accident, product liability, or medical malpractice, working with Denver’s top-rated personal injury firm is a good decision to settle the case. Hiring the best personal injury lawyer to represent you is imperative if you want to get the best outcome and compensation for your case.

They can provide you with the support and expertise to handle stubborn insurance companies and the complicated legal system. But with the number of personal injury firms in Colorado, finding the best one can be a daunting task. Where does one even begin their search? To make things easier for you, here are several ways that you can find the best personal injury firm in Colorado.

Do extensive research online

In this technology-driven age, people depend on the internet to give them answers to certain questions. Searching for the best personal injury firm online will give you several good results. But keep in mind that not everything listed on the internet is the best. Anyone can now make a professional-looking website, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best or most qualified attorney.

You must do extensive research before you hire one. When browsing through Google’s search results, Facebook, directories, or other legal resources, try to visit each firm’s website. Check out their reputation by reading reviews from previous clients. Beware of some websites that rate lawyers or firms since they often only list those who pay for the title.  

Ask family, friends, or acquaintances for referrals

A word-of-mouth referral from your trusted family, friends, or acquaintances is worth more than any stranger’s review on the internet. If you know someone who has experienced the same situation as yours and has worked with a personal injury lawyer, try asking them for a referral.

Even if they simply know a reputable personal injury firm but didn’t have any personal experience with them, it’s still a good idea to check them out. Talk with the people you trust and find out who they think would be the best personal injury firm to handle your accident. Make sure you still do your research and try to learn more about the firm.  

Ask another attorney

If you have worked with an attorney on a different matter before, you can also ask them for some recommendations. They might have a colleague or know someone in their field who is an expert at handling personal injury cases. However, you should only do this if your previous lawyer is someone you trust.

Since they are knowledgeable about the legal system, you can rely on their opinions about other lawyers. You don’t have to worry about offending your previous lawyer for hiring a different one. They usually refer cases to one another. Most of them may even have someone in their network that handles personal injury cases.

Consult a local bar association

You can also contact your local bar association if you’re looking for a personal injury firm or a licensed lawyer. All state bar associations, and sometimes even county and city ones, offer citizens an attorney referral service. But even though these firms or lawyers are supposed to be approved by the association, there’s no guarantee they are all excellent choices for you.

There might be an inconsistency in the quality of lawyers since some services list anyone that has a good standing with the state bar. Keep a list of personal injury firms found in the association, and check their reputation online before hiring them.


Finding the best personal injury firm to handle your case doesn’t have to be hard. You can start by searching online or asking other people for recommendations, making a list of your options, checking their reputation, and trying to learn more about them. Once you narrow down your list, you can finally schedule a consultation to see if they’re the right fit for you.

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