Injuries sustained on the job are often covered by workers’ compensation, but there are some exceptions.

After being in a workplace accident, you can often receive workers’ compensation benefits. Employers with even one part-time employee are required to carry this insurance in Tulsa. If you have been hurt and qualify for workers’ compensation, these benefits can provide for your medical expenses and even a portion of your lost income. However, it is important to understand when you are eligible for these benefits, and what types of accidents are covered by workers’ compensation.

Workplace Accidents Covered by Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation will provide benefits to you after many different types of accidents. As long as you were injured on the job, you can apply for these benefits, with a few exceptions. For example, if you slip and fall while on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If you are pushing or pulling something very heavy at your workplace and sustain an overexertion injury, you are also covered by workers’ compensation.

Workplace accidents do not always have to occur on your workplace property, either. For example, if your boss wanted you to run an errand for them and you were in a car accident, you can still receive workers’ compensation benefits. As long as you were doing something for the benefit of your boss, you can receive workers’ comp, regardless of where the accident occurred. However, it is just as important to know when you are barred from receiving workers’ compensation.

When You are Barred from Receiving Workers’ Compensation

Like in all other states, the workers’ compensation system in Oklahoma is no-fault. This means that even if your own negligence contributed to the accident, you can still receive benefits. This does not excuse all behavior, though.

If you were intoxicated, either through alcohol or illicit drugs, the insurance company and courts will likely bar you from receiving compensation. Additionally, if you were engaging in horseplay, or had started a fight, and that caused your workplace accident, you will also likely be barred from receiving compensation. To qualify for workers’ compensation, you must have been performing tasks for the benefit of your employer, and that is an important distinction in workers’ comp claims.

Certain types of workers are also barred from receiving workers’ compensation benefits. If you are classified as an independent contractor, you cannot receive workers’ compensation benefits. Undocumented workers also cannot receive benefits. Other workers that are often barred from receiving workers’ comp include agricultural workers, housekeepers and babysitters, and seasonal workers.

Our Oklahoma Workers’ Comp Lawyers Can Advise on Your Case

If you have been injured on the job, there is a good chance that you are eligible for workers’ compensation. These benefits are not always easy to obtain, though. At the Law Firm of Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker, our Tulsa workers’ comp lawyers can help. We will review your case free of charge, advise on whether you are eligible, and hold the insurance company accountable for paying the full benefits you deserve. After a workplace injury, call us at (918) 728-6500 or contact us online.

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