If you want to know about child custody litigation, you have come to the right place. Child litigation custody is one of the most stressful periods in a parent’s life when it comes to divorce. No doubt, divorce is a difficult time for a married couple, and it becomes even more painful when the children are involved. If you are going through this process, you might know how severe and critical the process is. The whole process affects the future stability and happiness of the kids.

Type of Child Custody Litigation

You may have heard about the types of child custody litigation, but it is important to know the difference. There are three types of child custody litigation which are as follow:

  • Sole Custody

Sole custody involves the orders of court for one parent to have both physical and legal litigation custody. However, the noncustodial parent can make visits. Most custodies are labeled as joint custody or equal shared parenting in which parents have shared legal custody even if one parent has physical custody.

  • Physical Custody

Physical custody is when you are divorced and your child lives with you. The other parent can have the right to visitation. The visitation is completely worked out between the parents. The non-custodial parents can visit on weekends or on holidays. If the child wants to spend more time with both parents, the court gives permission so that it may not affect the child.

  • Legal Custody

As the name suggests, legal custody involves the court order for a parent to have all rights to make necessary decisions for the child. The decisions involve schooling, healthcare, education, and other decisions. Even noncustodial parents have visit rights; he/she is not involved with making decisions.

Things You Should Follow for Child Custody Litigation

Always be truthful when you are facing this issue. Never lie in court; otherwise, the case will not be solved on time. Help the court to resolve it by speaking the truth and describing the facts only.

Similarly, never lie to your lawyer. Always describe the situation with an open heart. If you speak the truth, he will be able to prepare the case accordingly. Your case will not be effective if you lie to your lawyer.

Always keep the document prepared with you. You must have a good collection of documents, photos, videos, and important files that can assist you with the judicial procedure. This is the fastest way to make the procedure happen.

Always try to keep your lawyer on your side. One of the best ways to do so is to pay him on time. If you don’t pay him on time, he will be able to cooperate with so much dedication.

Final Note

I have articulated everything you should know about child custody litigation. Child custody litigation is a difficult process, but you can do it with wise decisions. There are three main types of custody litigation such as sole/joint, legal, and physical custody. Never lie to your lawyer and court. Always keep a record of everything with you to make everything happen on your side.



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