Being injured in an accident can literally throw your life into turmoil. You end up struggling to recover physically while finances are likely to be disrupted as well. There are medical bills to pay and lost wages to deal with. In the worst case scenario, you may be permanently disabled and lose your job as well. What you really need at such times is the guidance and support of a personal injury lawyer who can help you claim the compensation you deserve. And this should surely be done if you have suffered because of negligence of someone else. When you consider filing for compensation, there are two options you have- settlement and trial. The one that works for you depends on your case and circumstances. Let us explain both the options so that you may decide the one that is ideal for you.


As the name implies, a settlement happens when you and the other party agree to a sum of money that you would be given to cover the losses borne due to injuries and damages in the accident. Often, personal injury claims are handled through mutual settlement out of court. However, it is worth noting that insurance companies have strong legal teams that will do everything possible to pay you far less than what you deserve or avoid paying at all. So you must absolutely have a seasoned lawyer to negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you get a fair amount in settlement. The idea is to have enough to cover your pain and suffering and put your life back on track.


If settlement does not appear to work out between the parties through mutual negotiations, going to trial is your final alternative. Since it involves a long process that needs to be handled with expertise, you should have an experienced trial lawyer representing you in the court. Moreover, it is worthwhile because you will be pitted against a professional legal team of the insurance company. The process requires both sides to present arguments, along with evidence and witnesses so that they can validate their statements. The court evaluates facts and makes a decision that is binding on both the parties.

Settlement or trial: Which is the best option?

Generally, a settlement is the preferred option because it saves your time and energy. A trial process can last for months or even years, while you may quickly settle out of court, get the amount you rightfully deserve as compensation and can move on. However, it is not a reason good enough to accept a settlement that is not fair. Moreover, you may want the other person to be punished for the pain and suffering their negligence has caused to you. With a lawsuit, you can get a bigger amount with punitive damages, though everything boils down to how well your lawyer handles the case.

Whether you agree to a settlement or take your personal injury case to trial, you would expect respect apart from the financial compensation. And only a seasoned injury attorney can help you in getting both.

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