When people go for a cancer diagnosis, one out of more will be diagnosed with cancer to the lung areas. Among cancer-related death reported, lung cancer is among the most common. The good news is that when the disease is discovered early enough, it can be cured successfully using various treatment methods. It is essential that when you noticed that you have any sign that leads to cancer to go for early screening

Supposing you have developed lung cancer, you can find help at the lung cancer Newport Beach. The kind of treatment you will be given will depend widely on the type of lung cancer you have and the extent to which the disease has spread in your organs. Here are the treatments you will get

Small cell lung cancer

When you are diagnosed with this type of cancer, it is essential to know that this type of lung cancer is usually aggressive, and you will need to go and start treatment immediately. Treatment procedures include chemotherapy, laser therapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and surgery to cure it.

Non-small cell lung cancer

Among the diagnosis that is discovered about lung cancer, this is the most common type that is usually found. Treatment methods include cryotherapy, chemotherapy, laser therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery

Metastatic lung cancer

This form of lung cancer can spread to various parts of the body, such as the bones and the brain area. The treatment method for this type of cancer will depend on which body parts the cancer cells first form. The disease, in most cases, is treated at an advanced stage even if it has spread fast to different parts of the body. The best treatment methods recommended for it are immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Other treatment options that the doctor will advise on will depend on which areas cancer has spread to.

Finally, to prevent the spread of lung cancer, go for early screening and avoid the intake of substances that lead to cancer in the body.


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