Did you know that more than 35,000 fatalities were resulting from vehicle accidents in the US in 2018? Most of these accidents were the result of negligent driving and driving under the influence of psychoactive substances.

Fortunately, not all car crashes end up in fatalities. Some of them produce minor car accident head injuries, bruises, and other injuries that are not life-threatening. If you’re looking to seek compensation for an accident that wasn’t caused by you, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with various types of car accident head injuries.

Keep reading and learn more about the most common traumatic brain injuries that could result from a car crash.


These are similar to bruises, just that they can happen to your head or even in your brain. Most contusions are minor and they don’t require much medical help. Others can be life-threatening and need emergency medical care.

In some cases, contusions can lead to hematoma or swelling. You might experience pain, memory loss, and a general state of confusion. Your primary concern is to get immediate medical attention to minimize damage to your brain. Afterward, you should talk to a car accident injury attorney to find out how to obtain the maximum financial compensation from the other driver.


A concussion is more serious than a contusion. This is a common traumatic brain injury that is caused by the brain shaking inside your skull. Concussions can be mild or severe and they are usually associated with a plethora of symptoms.

For example, some of the most common symptoms include nausea and vomiting, headaches, and chronic fatigue. Severe concussions might have long-term effects on your health and lead to memory loss, personality changes, and even depression.

Diffuse Axonal

This is a less common type of TBI, but it can also affect your health. Diffuse axonal refers to the movement of the brain inside your skull as a result of a vehicle stopping abruptly. The symptoms include headaches, confusion, and disorientation.

The brain is a soft organ and it can be susceptible to severe damage if it’s sloshing around inside the skull. Fortunately, the symptoms go away on their own, but you should seek medical attention if they persist for several weeks.

Coup Contrecoup

This is another type of traumatic brain injury that could damage your brain in multiple places. For example, your brain can receive trauma if your forehead hits the steering wheel. At the same time, the back of the brain can also be damaged by your skull after the impact.

This is known as a coup contrecoup type of injury. It can lead to headaches, memory loss, and more severe injuries to your brain. It can also happen sideways if one of your temples hit the car window or another object inside the car.

Now You Know the Most Common Car Accident Head Injuries

Remember that car accident head injuries can be more severe and delicate to treat than other types of injuries. That’s why you should fight to seek adequate compensation from the other driver if he caused the accident. This can be done using the help of an attorney specialized in car accidents.

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