Ridesharing apps have changed the travel business and made getting around large cities much easier. Whether you drive or use a rideshare service like Lyft, commuting by car remains a safety concern. This blog talks about what you need to know about ridesharing accidents.

What to do after an accident

The measure you take immediately after an accident usually determines whether you’ll be compensated for any injuries/damages sustained during the accident. Below are the various actions you need to take.

Call the police

It’s always advisable to call the police immediately after an accident. When law enforcement arrives, they’ll document the accident by interviewing witnesses, writing the weather and traffic conditions for that day. An accident report goes a long way when you intend to file a lawsuit and claim compensation.

Document the accident scene

You can go the extra mile by taking photos of the accident from various angles. Also, when you’ve sustained injuries, take pictures, too, as this might help provide evidence in the future.

Avoid any form of negotiations before contacting a lawyer

Uber or Lyft accidents often involve various parties such as the ridesharing driver and other negligent parties. Therefore, trying to negotiate a settlement is often a daunting task. It’s advisable to hire an experienced lawyer who will represent you in a court of law and ensure that you get justice in the end.

Go for a medical checkup.

Always go for a medical checkup, however minor your injuries might look. At times you might have internal injuries, which might be fatal if left unattended. Lastly, seeing a doctor essentially helps established a link between your accident and the injuries sustained, the earlier, the better.

Can You Sue a ride-sharing company after an accident?

Car accidents account for most personal injury claims, but things get a little trickier when a ridesharing company is involved. Uber or lift only protects its drivers in specified conditions determined by their app status, thereby complicating matters. In fact, ridesharing accidents can be just as complicated as truck driver accidents. Hiring a lawyer having experience in ride-sharing accidents is therefore a safe bet.

Tips for hiring the best Uber or Lyft lawyer

Choosing a ridesharing personal injury attorney right off the bat is generally not the wisest choice you can make. Whether you were a cyclist, pedestrian, passenger, or driver involved in a ridesharing accident, having an experienced lawyer represent you is usually recommended.

Below are aspects you need to factor in when selecting the best rideshare accident attorney.

  • Inquire from family, friends, and also read online reviews about your potential attorney before choosing.
  • Request a breakdown of legal fees as well as any up-front costs you’ll be responsible for.
  • Inquire whether your lawyer has experience in handling ridesharing accidents cases, and if they will personally represent you.
  • Request that they evaluate your case and provide you with an estimate of how much you can anticipate as compensation for your claim.


After a rideshare accident contacting a professional ride-sharing accident lawyer is always recommended. An experienced attorney will likely ensure that you win your case and eventually get compensation.


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