Human rights are rights protected by law because they are moral principles that describe particular standards all humans should adhere to. They are like the bare minimum all humans are entitled to regardless of their race, gender, social background, or sexual orientation. It is like the manual of humanity.

According to the United Nations, every human is entitled to 30 basic rights by the virtue of their mere existence as human beings. These rights are universal and apply to every citizen of earth.

These rights were a result of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights held by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris, France in the year 1984.

Some of the most basic and important things it covers include the rights to life, freedom of religion and opinion etc.



All human beings are born free and equal

Right to life

Freedom from discrimination

Freedom from slavery

Freedom from torture and inhuman treatment

Equal right to use law

Equality before the law

Right to be treated fairly by the court

Freedom from unfair detainment

Right to trial

Innocent until proven guilty

Right to privacy

Freedom to movement and residence

Right to asylum

Right to nationality

Right to marry and have a family

Right to own things

Freedom of thought and religion

Freedom of opinion and expression

Right to assemble

Right to democracy

Right to social security

Right to work

Right to rest and holiday

Right of social service

Right to education

Right to culture and art

Freedom around the world

Subject to law

Human rights cannot be taken away.


All the laws mentioned above should be respected and protected by law regardless of who the human being is. It is not a privilege or something to be given once in a while or to a select few, it is something every human being has earned because of their humanity.

These laws are not subject to a particular location, it applies to America and Africa and every corner of the world.

Failure to adhere to these laws gives rise to barbarous and inhumane acts which shake the core of our humanity.


Even though these rights confer dignity and freedom to humans, a lot of times they get taken away by oppressive governments and other individuals. And that is why it is necessary to have knowledge of these rights so that you can recognize when they are being infringed on and take the necessary steps to get back your dignity or get justice for the harm done to you.

The first step to take when any form of infringement occurs is to get a lawyer who is well versed in the topic of law and fundamental human rights and you can find such lawyers at Mike Morse Law Firm. It is within your right to protect yourself and ensure that you get justice.

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