When faced with any legal issues, you need to get a team of experienced legal experts to represent you and defend your rights and interests. In case you need any legal assistance, there are law firms that have very dedicated lawyers who will fight aggressively to protect your interests in any case. Their aim is to enable you to navigate the legal system with ease and ensure that you have peace of mind during and after the process.

Legal Professionals in Edmonton

If you need a good and experienced lawyer to help you handle any legal matters you may be facing while in Edmonton, you will find law firms that have some of the best lawyers that have experience in many different areas of legal practice. With an excellent record of winning cases and offering knowledge-based legal advice and guidance, you are guaranteed to get great and effective legal representation. Whether you are searching around for a law firm with the best DUI lawyers, or need an identity theft lawyer in Edmonton to help you in your court case, these firms can help. Their main practice areas include:

1. DUI and Impaired Driving

Being charged with driving under the influence, impaired driving or causing an accident due to drunk driving can literally turn your life upside down, as you may be faced with any of the following:

a) Having to attend DUI classes
b) Having a permanent criminal record under your name
c) Termination of employment
d) Losing your driver’s license
e) Inhibited ability to work
f) Inability to care for your children
g) Attending mandatory alcohol treatment programs
h) Increased car insurance
i) Facing immigration status issues

Fortunately, these firms have skilled DUI lawyers who are able to examine the evidence and scrutinize errors to ensure that the case presented against you is not only fair, but also respects your rights.


  1. Forgery

Forgery is a common white collar crime that is often used in conjunction with different kinds of fraud, as well as identity theft. Being convicted of a forgery offence can attract huge fines and lengthy jail-terms that can have serious implications on your life. If you need an experienced identity theft lawyer in Edmonton to help you handle a case involving fraud or forgery, these law firms can assist you.

3. Family Law

These firms also have dedicated family lawyers who can provide you with topnotch guidance and reliable representation in matters involving family issues. Whether you are facing a confusing, scary and emotionally taxing divorce or separation, these family law lawyers will see to it that the whole process is seamless and the rights of everyone involved are protected. They can also help you with matters involving:

a) Adoptions
b) Guardianships
c) Pre-nuptial agreements
d) Post-nuptial agreements
e) Common-law unions
f) Private genetic donor agreements

These knowledgeable and skilled lawyers can also assist with legal issues pertaining to drug offences, prostitution, probation violation, violent offences, young offenders, as well as guns, wildlife and poaching. They can also help in the drafting of wills and estate planning. Whether you need the services of professional DUI lawyers, or need legal assistance from a qualified identity theft lawyer in Edmonton, these law firms will help.

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