If you have made an invention, written a book, produced music, dome some artwork or have a business idea that you plan to implement, it is very critical that you get it protected. This can be done by obtaining a patent, trademark, copyright, I.C protection or any other relevant protection. However, the whole process of obtaining such protection can be complex, lengthy and even expensive, and that is why you may need assistance from experts.

Patent, Trademark and Intellectual Property Agents in Burlington

If you are in Burlington and need to get the right protection for your idea, you will find reputable agents that can help. They are known to help individuals, businesses and companies obtain the relevant protection for their ideas in a quick, convenient and cost-effective manner. Whether you want to obtain a trademark, copyright, industrial design protection or a patent in Burlington, these agents can help. They are known to specialize in:

1) Patents

A patent is typically a statutory monopoly that is usually given to an inventor or their assignee, allowing them to bar others from selling, making, using or even importing such an invention in a country where the patent is granted. Note that for an invention to be patentable, it must possess these four key characteristics:

a) Proper subject matter
b) Novelty
c) Utility
d) Unobviousness

Whether you want to obtain a patent in Burlington for your new invention or are looking for a seasoned patent lawyer in Burlington to help you file a law suit against anyone who is in breach of your patent prohibitions, these firms can help.

2) Trademark

This is a symbol that enables the public to know that any products or services that are provided under it should be clearly distinguished from those that are offered by other traders. Ideally, the trademark may be in the form of a name, word, symbol, slogan, design, the product or package shape or even a combination of any of these. Even in a situation where you begin with a product that is unique, a trademark can no doubt be an extremely useful marketing tool. If you want to choose and register your trademark, these agents can help you navigate the often complex process.

3) Copyright Protection

This is comprised of a set of statutory monopolistic rights that are created in relation to an author’s work, like a novel, screenplay, photograph, painting, a moving picture production, music or a computer program. This allows the copyright owner to bar other people or entities from publishing, producing, reproducing, or performing the work in any country where the copyright subsists. In turn, anyone who does any of these things without obtaining permission from the copyright owner will be in violation of the law and may be sanctioned or even sued for compensation.

These agents can also help you obtain your Industrial Design protection, Trade Secrets & Confidential Information protection or Integrated Circuit (I.C) protection. They have systems that enable them to do comprehensive searches, access the concerned government agencies and process all the relevant documentation for the protection. Whether you want to protect your profitable business idea or need a good patent lawyer in Burlington to help you pursue a case concerning patent infringement, these firms are able to help.

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