The Role of a Medical Examination in a Personal Injury Case

Medical exams play a crucial role in a personal injury case as they can add validity to the case. Generally, a doctor conducts the first medical examination within a reasonable timeframe of the plaintiff getting into the accident. The defendant may also be required to obtain a medical examination as well, depending on the type of personal injury case. After the medical report has been completed, it will be submitted to the insurance companies of both individuals involved, as well as to the hired lawyers. The report will contain pertinent health information of the individuals involved along with important dates and a summary of the conclusions. In some instances, a secondary examination will be ordered.

The Truth Behind an IME

In a personal injury case, an insurance company will require that the plaintiff undergo a medical examination by a physician of their choice. The purpose of the examination is twofold; on one hand, the examination is conducted to determine the extent of the injuries, and on the other hand, it is used by the insurance companies as a tool to negate the claims of the plaintiff’s injuries. The result of the medical examination can have a significant impact on the insurance companies monetary evaluation of the claim.

The insurance companies tend to stack the deck using hired physicians that are paid in some instances millions of dollars to deliver favorable opinions for insurance companies. It is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in order to prepare the client for the examination to avoid any pitfalls that may affect the value of the claim.

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