In USA, people have a general impression that lawyers are really expensive to do and in fact, it’s not entirely wrong. Fortunately, however, it is possible to find free legal counseling on the internet and if you can handle advice from people who are not just trained lawyers, but just have experience in the problem area, it will be really easy.

It is not a free legal aid. Refer to a legal aid with the overview further down the page. Theycannot answer legal questions per. phone or mail.

Legal Mailboxes

In various legal mailboxes it is possible to find free legal counseling. These have traditionally been heard in weekly magazines, but today they are moved on to the internet. You have the opportunity to submit a question and if you are lucky it will be selected and answered.

When you apply for free legal assistance using letterboxes, you should make it as easy as possible for the person at the other end to answer your questions. Please write some lines about the issue and do not omit any relevant information as this may give you a wrong answer in the end. A good question can easily fill 5-15 lines – if you write 2 lines, you often make it impossible for the lawyer to give you free legal counseling. For more you can visit to

Links to free legal counseling using legal mailboxes:

Legal aid and lawyer

In the larger cities there is a legal aid, typically consisting of a couple of senior lawyers and a lot of law students offering you free legal counseling. You have the opportunity to both agree on a time, but also just enter the office during the opening hours. If the jurors or lawyers do not have the skills to answer your questions, they will forward you to a body that can.

  • It is completely free to make use of legal aid, which gives law students a chance to apply their studies in a practical way. You may agree on time in advance to avoid waiting times in legal assistance that may arise from city to city.
  • This is not a complete list and if you do not have legal aid near you (and do not want to speak on the phone), call your municipality and ask for directives to the nearest free legal counseling in the form of legal aid there.

We should also mention the lawyer here. In more than 100 cities across the country there is a voluntary lawyer consisting of a trained attorney outside working hours a couple of hours a week and advises private about their jury problems. This free legal counsel can always be recommended, as it is a fully trained lawyer who voluntarily takes the time to help citizens.

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